In His infinite generosity and Love, God gave His Son, Christ Jesus so that sinners like us could be forgiven and granted life. We as followers of Christ Jesus to follow his patterof Love, service and generosity. Christian giving in the New Testament is not out of complusion, but from glad thankfulness. Our generous giving demonstrates out ultimate tresure, gospel is our prority and this world is not our home.

Why give? Giving is an act of worship. We encourage to give inorder to support gospel work here in Kathmandu. Thru your giving gospel is preached and proclaimed week-in and week-out.

2 ways to give at Shaktisali Baptist Church

1. Deposit at the Bank

Bank- Global IME Bank, Nakhu, Kathmandu
A/c Name- Dhankumari Gharti / Satya Narayan Basnet
A/c No.- 850-701-0001717

2. Cheque/ Cash:

You can write a cheque or give by cash and put it in the offering bag during the worship service, offering collection time.

If you would like give some other way or have any questions about the finances of the church, please contact church office at