Church Leadership

SBC has Pastor-led congregational church polity. Biblical polity teaches two offices in the local church.


In the New Testament churches had Elders, Overseers, Bishops, Pastors (used interchangeably for the same office) to oversee, shepherd and protect a local congregation (Acts 14:23, 20:17). Therefore, SBC a pastor-led congregationalism practicing church. Pastors are to preach, teach, counsel, equip and pray for the flock. SBC believes and prayerfully looks forward to having a plurality of pastors in our church.


Deacons were appointed in the church to meet physical and administrative ministerial needs in the local church (Acts 6:4). Deacons look after Missions, Administration, Ordinances, Finance, Discipleship, Hospitality, Youths and Women's ministry and more as per need of the congregation. Qualifications of deacons are set forth in 1 Timothy 3.

Our Current Leadership


Prem Narayan Bhattarai

Prem Narayan Bhattarai serves as pastor of SBC. He holds B.Th and M.Div studies. He has been serving at SBC since 2009. He is married to Susma KC.



Raju Magar
Deacon of Finance and Administration

Mr. Raju is serving as a deacon of Finance and Administration at Shaktisali. He is married to Rabita and is father of Aron.

Thaman Gharti Magar
Deacon of Welcome and Hospitality

Mr. Thaman is serving as a deacon of Welcome and Hospitality, as well as assist to deacon of Finance and Administration. He is married to Keshina.


Hemanta Magar
Pastoral Assistant

Hemanta Magar is serving SBC as Pastoral Assistant. He serves congregation through leadership in music. He also leads Wednesday House Fellowships. He has been doing his M.Div. studies at Himalayn Graduate School of Theology.

David BK
Pastoral Assistant

David BK is Serving SBC as Pastoral Assistant. He serves church ministry in-charge to Youths. He leads youth bible studies. He holds B.Th and is married to Amrita.


Bharati Magar
Care Taker

Mrs. Bharati serves at Shaktisali as a care taker of the church building and property.

Tikaram Shrestha
Pastoral Intern

Mr. Tika has completed his B.Th studies from Nepal Baptist Bible College. He is Pastoral Intern at Shaktisali.

Samip Ramdam (Amos)
Pastoral Intern

Mr. Samip is final year's student at Nepal Baptist Bible College. He is Pastoral Intern at Shaktisali.