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About Shaktisali Baptist Church (SBC)

Shaktisali Baptist Church (SBC) is an evangelical church situated in Lalitpur, Nepal. We believe The Word of God (Bible) is our sole source of Authority. It is through the Word of God we can have true knowledge of God and are saved by God's Grace alone, through Faith alone. Christ's finished work on the Cross is sufficient to be saved. Here we gather to glorify God alone. (Eph.2:8-10; 2 Tim. 3:15).

As a family, SBC seeks to display God's glory in all things we do. The goal of gathering every Saturday at 10:30 as a church is to worship our God almighty, encourage and equip each other. We are a multi ethnic, diverse and multi linguistic community. We worship one God to display a foretaste of Heaven as a picture of 'great multitude of people from every nation, tribe, people and language will gather before the Lamb who was slain (Rev. 7:9).

Statement of Faith

Our statement of faith is 'a set of beliefs' that we profess together as a church. We believe the Bible is our final authority, where God has reveled Himself, and rules over all other human traditions and personal feelings.

Church Constitution

Our Church is Pastors-led congrigational church. Our church constitution is voted and passed by the congrigation on 1st Dec 2018.

Church Covenant

Church covenant is a list of our commitments, the way we are committed to live our faith and doctrine with one another within the church members as a family.

Become a Member

To become a Christian is a personal profession of faith. However, it's not a private affair. Believers, as obedient followers of Christ, are to live corporate life. Shaktisali Baptist Church (SBC) believes the only way to display God's glory through gospel practice in our life is to become a member of a local church. Saved, Baptized and Active membership practice if our aim at SBC. Through church membership, we practically commit ourselves to love, encourage, equip, correct and care one another.

We consider the following reasons to become a member at SBC-

A Witness for non-Christian:

The church is not a building or a particular location. Instead, it's a body of committed people. Moreover, it's not just occasional or even regular attendance during Saturday Worship Gatherings. A genuine commitment is displayed in love and care (John 13:35). A group of people now on this earth with a real conversion experience is a picture of the 'Kingdom' which is to come in its fullness. As we gather for worship, the world is to witness the gospel community.

An Opportunity to Grow:

Prayer, preaching, teaching, care as a local body and investing time-treasures are to grow together. The cultivation of discipleship is a biblical mandate. Commitment to a local church is a beautiful opportunity to develop those new in the faith and spiritually weak believers. The New Testament language 'One-another' is so vital in our church life (Hebrews 10:24-25, 1 Peter 1:22, 1 John 4:11-12).

Leaders are Accountable:

Local church leaders are appointed to care for souls. They are the ones who are held accountable before God for your soul's safety. Unless a believer commits to a local church, how do the leaders know you are a part of the body? Unless a disciple commits to a local fellowship, elders of the church (and other members too) will not be responsible to pray, teach and care for them. After all, they won't be held accountable for your soul (Acts 20:28, Heb:17). As a part of the local body each church member must pray and give oversight to other fellow members, and to do this, one must join a church.

Humble Submission Required:

Becoming a member of a local church means to commit yourself to submitting to other believers of that particular local body. You also must submit to the discipline of the whole church. We must humbly accept that we may easily wander, and we need gospel transformed people to watch over us (Matthew 18:15-17 and 1 Corinthians 5:1-5 ). SBC affirms that the membership concept is biblical and practiced in the New Testament. The church has the authority to preserve the true gospel, and it means to live-out gospel-driven lives. The church affirms a member's profession of faith and life to bring-in and has the power to put-out for the sake of the gospel.

For God's glory:

The local church is God's plan. The Church is a display of His beauty. Jesus died on the cross for His people (Acts 20:28, Ephesians 5:25). The act of salvation builds a new community of people. This is by the new covenant of his blood; he has purchased to proclaim salvation to the world. Jesus has identified personally with his church (Acts 9:4). His people can join him in this mission by enrolling in a local body.


Church Membership

Personal confession and commitment to Jesus Christ is to be lived out corporately. It can only be done in an accountable relationship to one another, which is why the local church is a community. SBC strongly encourages you to join this community as a member of this family. You can meet one of the pastoral staff for further steps in the process.

The process of membership begins with a personal interview by one of pastoral staff, then a candidate will be recommended to a committee, the pastoral committee will put the candidate before the congregation in one of the Member's Meetings and a congregational vote will make the decision of adding someone to membership.

Church Life

Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry will take place every Saturday 12:30-1:45pm. The Youth meet in the main church hall after church worship to continue Bible Study and other activities. For further information about Youth Ministry, please call David at 9810084467 or email at  youth@sbcnepal.com

Women Ministry

Women's ministry is to disciple women and ladies. Women meeting for prayer and bible study takes place at church office every Saturday 12:30-1:45pm. For further information about Women Ministry please call Susma at 9823084568 or Email at women@sbcnepal.com.

Children Ministry

Children ministry is run during the church worship on Saturdays. Church seeks to disciple and witness gospel of Jesus Christ to children to reach them in Him. For further information about Children Ministry please call at 9823084564 email at children@sbcnepal.com.

House Ministry

We encourage church members to take part in midweek Member's fellowship meeting which takes part at church members' house. House Fellowship takes place every Wednesday, 5:00-6:30pm.

SBC seeks to serve with intentional bible study plan to help church members to grow in scriptural knowledge with practical application. This is also wonderful opportunity to grow in community life as we meet at Member's house. For further information about House Fellowship please call Hemanta at 9847866556 or email at

Men's Meeting

SBC Men bimonthly meet up for prayer and encouragement. For further information about Men's Meeting please call 9823084568 or email info@sbcnepal.com